A Little Summer This Winter

January 5, 2014 at 5:19 pm 1 comment

(above) A photo montage of Francie Mendenhall provides visual accompaniment to her lovely solo turn on the reflective ballad “Last Summer,” from The Golddiggers’ 1971 record album, Today.

For those who’ve been enduring the arctic chill of winter’s deep freeze that’s engulfed much of the U.S. in recent weeks, we have just the right antidote. A year ago at this time, we celebrated the birthday of FRANCIE MENDENHALL, premiere soloist of the 1971-73 Golddiggers, by highlighting her magnificent performance of a dreamy ballad called “Cloud Hill” from The Golds’ third and final LP, entitled Today.

For Francie’s birthday this year, how better to mark the occasion than with the perfect counterpoint to our frosty weather: Francie’s cozy rendition of “Last Summer,” another Lee HaleGeoff Clarkson composition, and one that takes us back not just to the sultry months of this year’s calendar, but more deeply, to the summers of yore, when melody, meaningful lyrics, and masterfully modulated voices still mattered.

As you bask in the glow of this temperate-tempo tune, we predict that Francie’s vocals will warm your soul and melt your heart — all the more so in knowing that such warmth extends beyond her beauty and talent to the sweet, smart, kindhearted, generous, and thoughtful person that she is. What more reason could you need, then, to join us in wishing Francie a Happy, Healthy Birthday, and Many, Many More.

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  • 1. Video Vision  |  January 29, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    From the Dean Golds and Dings and other Facebook pages:

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    Michelle DellaFave Happy Birthday Francie! What a beautiful job you did on Lee Hale and Geoff Clarkson’s song!!

    Francie Mendenhall Golly! Thank you so very very much!!

    Tracy Shayne Wow! Just stunning! Xo

    Dory Costa What a good times were those days when I used to see his television programs…..so funny…There will never be someone like you ever…..

    Francie Mendenhall OMG Thank you, I’m tearin’ up!

    Bratley Harris You still got it beautiful

    Francie Mendenhall Thank you sweet one~

    Tc Harris He’s right. You are still beautiful
    January 5 at 6:00pm · Unlike · 4

    Karen Romano How wonderful! Simply beautiful, Francie. Happy Birthday again!

    Glenna Dennett That is just amazing. Incredible beauty and talent!

    Francie Mendenhall Thank you Aunt Glenna!

    Mimi Bessette Is that you singing?

    Harold Miller Happy Birthday again Francie, beautiful voice!

    Joel Anderson Gorgeous, as ever, in every way. HB and HNY!

    Jennifer Pihl I just adore this

    Hilary Fields Just saw this, Francie….could you be any more gorgeous???

    Francie Mendenhall This is so moving for me and some photos I’ve never seen.. Happy Birthday Indeed~

    Charlene Bigham That’s wonderful!

    Laney Littlejohn Love it. Happy birthday.

    Linda Alberici Eichberg Happy birthday Francie!

    Robert Billig How wonderful!!! Great photos!!!

    Julie Jones Wonderful collage of great time. Very neat for us, too !

    Jimmi McCarter I HAD to share this on my timeline..

    Lou Brockway Happy birthday Francie. These photos are classic!

    Lynn Schoverling Loucks what fabulous memories!

    Barry Dean This is fabulous Francie! I had to share also!

    Florence Bis happy birthday Francie!!!! wonderful film

    Jake Meyers Happy Birthday Francie ..stay warm Ron Meyers

    Mike Mauldin That’s pretty cool

    Sue Engel Wuetherich McCartney Wow!!!! That was cool! U actually touched good ole Dean.

    Barry Dean Was so happy to visit with Francie Mendenhall at the Theatre Inc, Reunion last weekend. What a brilliant talent! Her work in musical theatre is so inspiring not to mention her Dean Martin’s Golddiggers gig! This is terrific Francie!

    Jimmi McCarter Francie, on the left, Lizzie, and me….with Dino. Such memories.

    Sue Machen McGee Wind Jimmi McCarter, you are so beautiful. I remember such fun times with you in high school!

    Pam Moritz Happy birthday Francie Mendenhall. Miss you guys so much

    Marilyn Faye O’Leary-Baker Love the voice, the song and oh those precious memories!!! Thanks Francie et al 🙂

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