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February 23, 2014 at 10:49 pm 1 comment

Dean Martin w. Liz Kelley
(above) Our latest birthday gal, Liz Kelley, rubbed shoulders with host Dean Martin when she and other members of The Golddiggers appeared on the Dec. 21, 1972 episode of his series.

In an era in which the casting of a popular TV series like Dancing With The Stars relies on a rather loose definition of what constitutes a leading man or woman, it’s worth recalling a time when a decidedly more ethereal level of entertainers could be seen displaying their smooth moves on the small screen — and often serving as dance partners to the biggest and brightest of these celestial celebrities were the dazzling young terpsichoreans of The Golddiggers and The Dingaling Sisters.

One member of The Golds clearly born to twirl with top-flight talent was LIZ KELLEY, who was already cutting the rug by the age of 3, and before she was 17, had worked with the likes of Ethel Merman, Carol Channing, Dom DeLuise, John Davidson, Charlton Heston, and Arthur Godfrey. Her first really big break came when she was tapped to pair with Gene Kelly for his 50 Girls 50 live revue — a gig that opened the door to a spot with The Golddiggers and a chance to perform alongside such show business giants as Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Stewart, Bob Hope (as part of his 1970 USO World Tour for American service personnel), Eddie Albert, Glenn Ford, Glen Campbell, Raymond Burr…and of course, Dean Martin, with whom she’s pictured below in a little pas de deux from his 1972 Christmas show.

Dean Martin & Liz Kelley Dancing

In terms of gaining exposure and recognition, The Golddiggers may have brought Liz Kelley to the dance, but to The Golddiggers, she brought a style, grace and mastery of dance, coupled with a breathtaking beauty and an irrepressible vivaciousness, that was all her own. And not only does she retain all of those qualities to this day, but strives to pass them along to those students fortunate enough to attend classes at Dance Studio 1, the school she founded and runs in Kansas City.

Yes, she may have tripped the light fantastic with some of the most legendary luminaries in the showbiz universe; but whether stepping out on the dance floor or simply demonstrating every day the very caring heart of a loving soul, no star shines brighter than Liz Kelley. No wonder that our voice is just one of so many in WISHING YOU, LIZ, A VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY BIRTHDAY, AND MANY, MANY MORE.

You can find the website for Liz Kelley’s Dance Studio by clicking HERE.
And you can join Liz and other alumnae of The Golddiggers, The Dingaling Sisters and The Dean Martin Show, along with their fans, by Liking our Dean, Golds and Dings fan page:

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  • 1. Video Vision  |  March 10, 2014 at 9:51 am

    From the Dean Golds and Dings Facebook page and other FB pages:

    thumbsup 176 people like this.

    Sharon Mathis Ko What a wonderful tribute to Liz and so spot on

    Liz Kelley-Hansen Wow! Thank you to whomever wrote this! I am humbled!

    Jeremy Wood Liz Kelley is simply the best! Happy Birthday to one of the best people I know.

    Liz Kelley-Hansen Thank you so much Jeremy Wood!

    Debbie Miller Stonebraker Love this! And the writer got it right!

    Rosie Cavin No swagger like an Italian Swagger! Loove Dino

    Amy Turek I absolutely love this!! So proud to have you in my life Liz Kelley-Hansen!!

    Jeanne Vicory- Blehm Loved this tribute! You are a hero to me for all the hard work you put in teaching our daughter to dance, to teach, and to have confidence. We loved you on TV but more having you here in KC. We are very blessed to have you.

    Liz Kelley-Hansen Thank you so much Jeanne Vicory- Blehm I am blessed to have your family in my life! OX

    Janice Glazier Beautifully written tribute to Liz! Happy Birthday!

    Lindsay Bloom Well said and well deserved! Love these photos of you Liz!!

    Kim Satz Happy birthday to a one of a kind woman who I’m honored to have in my life and as my friend….I love you!

    Mike Connely Happy Birthday Liz.

    Joseph Geswaldo Fabulous looks and talent and seems like a genuinely nice person. Happy Birthday.

    Linda Paullin Gish AWESOME LIZ! Whomever wrote this captured you beautifully. Happy Birth Day!

    Liz Kelley-Hansen Thank you so much Linda Paullin Gish!

    Elisa Breitenbach Happy Birthday!

    Liz Kelley-Hansen Thank you Joseph Geswaldo!

    Linda Paullin Gish You are very welcome. I hope you have a great Birthday.

    Gaby Muñoz-Lucas That’s my girl!!! Happy birthday to the Super Duper Irreplaceable Miss Liz!!!!

    Steve Norton a beautiful birthday tribute! Happy Birthday Liz!

    Liz Kelley-Hansen Thank you so much Miss Gaby Muñoz-Lucas and Steve Norton!

    Michele Kerwin I am still of the opinion that you should write your memoirs in a book. What a story that would tell!

    Betsy DeBaufer DeBaufer Loss what a fabulous post!!

    Liz Kelley-Hansen I know! I am humbled Betsy DeBaufer DeBaufer Loss!

    Brian Peterson Happy Birthday Miss Liz

    Liz Kelley-Hansen Thank you Brian Peterson!

    Sandy Boone your post is so cool, you have so many wonderful memories and so much talent. I am so happy for you that you had the chance to experience all of that, I am sure it was so much work and fun for you. I am just going to share that so it will be on my page and I can read it from time to time. Thanks for such a great post. Love.

    Jennifer Pihl Dear Liz, Have a lovely birthday today. May all your dreams come true. You are one special lady. @>~~~~~

    Liz Kelley-Hansen Thank you Jennifer!

    Erica Rowe How special is this?! PS you and Ms. Felecia look so much alike… especially in the photo on the left!

    Deborah Lander Apple too cool…and I know her!!

    Liz Kelley-Hansen Deborah Lander Apple AND YOU are my friend!

    Tom Hansen I agree with what Linda said. Whoever wrote this article really knew who they were writing about. Happy Birthday Sis !!

    Roy Inman All true

    Bruce Baldwin Wow! Amazing! I remember you from that show. I always thought you were so hot! Dean, whom I admire and got to see in Vegas along with the rest of the rat pack when I was a little kid, was a very lucky guy to have you on his show. Happy Birthday Liz!

    Liz Kelley-Hansen Thank you Tom Hansen and Bruce Baldwin and Roy Inman!

    James F. Dugan I remember you well. Always a big smile. It was your trademark.

    Terry Owensby The Goldiggers yes you danced so fair, I thought you better than Fred Astair. Yes, you danced through our week so true, the audience that watched just grew and grew. I thought wow you danced so precise and keen. You must cherish the thought you got to dance with Dean.

    Liz Kelley-Hansen Thank you Terry!

    Alan Dale Adams Happy Birthday Liz!

    Bruce Baldwin Dean should have put you in the Matt Helm movies.

    Michele Frazier Hollingsworth I remember those days !!

    Sheila Crownover Crow What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful, talented lady and friend! Those students are so fortunate to know you! Me too!

    Connie Cross Cooper Wow!! That is so awesome to have someone write something so kind and loving!! Well deserved, Liz!! Great photos, too!!

    Michelle DellaFave Hi Liz I am wishing you a Happy birthday sorry I am a bit late but I was doing a performance and just got in .Much love and of course I love this tribute , ah yes the author is a literary genius and put it all in just the right words love, Michelle

    Barb Carney Gilmore-Eckley Happy late birthday Liz. Thanks for sharing…such great memories for you.

    Liz Kelley-Hansen Thank you Michelle DellaFave and Barb Carney Gilmore-Eckley!

    Virgil Ed Sellers Liz in the big time. Happy birthday.

    Liz Kelley-Hansen Thank you Virgil Ed Sellers!

    Pam Feingold Awesome! Congratulations on another “dance around the sun”. xo

    Marvin Doyle Payne Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing!

    Liz Kelley-Hansen Thank you Pam Feingold! Love you!

    Liz Kelley-Hansen Thank you Marvin Doyle Payne!

    Silvio Ciafardini The good old days!

    Gretchen Thurman love this and remember it well!

    Sheila Crownover Crow Absolutely beautiful write up Liz! You look beautiful and really happy! Happy Birthday again!

    Michele Deleon Thank you for this, very interesting and so true.

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