Dean Martin

Take the largest and longest-running Dean Martin discussion group on the Internet — Kim Fuller’s Dinopallies…

+ Dean’s Girls

…Combine it with the first chat group to bring together Dean’s
Golddiggers and Dingaling Sisters with their fans — GoldsAndDings,
founded by Wes Guidry…

+ The Golddiggers

…Add full integration with the Web’s foremost social networking site, Facebook…

+ The Dingaling Sisters

…Mix in some of the most knowledgeable, articulate, and nicest
devotees of Dean, The Golds, and The Dings to be found anywhere on this
Earth, put ’em all under one roof, and what it all tallies up to is a total experience greater than the sum of its parts — or, as we’ve chosen to call it…

= Dean, Golds and Dings!

And we’ve made it all very easy to navigate: Just use the four tabs
that appear right beneath the title header at the top of each page.
That will enable you to:

• Take part in the conversation in the Pallies Lounge.

• See what goodies are stored in The Closet.

• Find Links to other sites of interest.

• Make your way back Home without waking Jeannie and the kids.

So we say to all of you, just as Dean told his viewers at the close
of the final episode of his series’ 8th season — on the last
first-run Dean Martin Show ever to air — “Don’t do anything that I
wouldn’t do. In other words, have a ball!”
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