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Mystery Solved, Birthday Greeting Sent!

Janice Whitby in TV Guide
(above) Janice Whitby of the 1970-72 Golddiggers, as seen (along with other members of the group) in a 1972 TV Guide fashion pictorial spotlighting women’s hats

We want to thank everyone brave enough to have ventured a guess in our Mystery Girl Photo Contest, and we congratulate Marilyn O’Leary-Baker of the 1970-71 Golddiggers, who was first to submit the correct answer, with DGD regular Barry Deslauriers following suit…One of the clues we gave was that if you could see that black-and-white picture of our mystery gal in color, you could quickly narrow down the possibilities. Well, now, with our just-posted photo of the lady in question all grown up and posing for a Golddiggers hat fashion spread in TV Guide, we think you can see why.

To followers of the Golddiggers, she’s the beautiful redhead who could kick up a storm or perform a delicate ballet on The Dean Martin Show and Golddiggers’ syndicated series. To sci-fi fans, she will forever be Katy, the cybernetic fembot from The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. To those familiar with her current line of clever and creative work, she is a first-rate graphic artist. But to all of her friends and family, she is the sweet and lovely JANICE WHITBY.

And since today is her birthday (what a coincidence, huh?!), we want to wish you, Jan, a very Happy, Healthy Birthday, and Many, Many More.

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Happy Birthday, Mark

Might reruns of The Golddiggers‘ series ever come to cable TV’s SyFy channel? Ha! We should be so lucky!

But strange as it may seem, there are at least a couple of Golds graduates who’ve experienced first-hand some close encounters with the science fiction genre. One is Michelle DellaFave, whom followers of UFO phenomena have for years believed to be either the human incarnation, or perhaps the doppelgänger, of a beautiful alien named Asket. As for the plausibility of such speculation, Michelle refers all questions on the matter to Starfleet Command.

Michelle or Asket?

And then there’s Janice Whitby, who initially entered our collective orbit as a lovely and vibrant member of The Golddiggers, and later earned a permanent place in the hearts of sci-fi fans for her role as Katy The Fembot on crossover episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.

Jan or Katy?

It was a longtime fan of Janice’s, Mark Fornale, who first enlightened us about this otherworldly connection, which he subsequently expanded upon in his creation of a stellar website ( to celebrate Jan’s career.

Mark’s own personal alignment with the stars is as a Pisces, born on this day. And so, we wish this good friend and close ally of our Dean, Golds and Dings planet A Very Happy Birthday, and Many, Many More.

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