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A Birthday Treat for The World’s Number One Dean Martin Fan

She’s been a devotee of Dean Martin since before she started grade school. Over a decade ago, long before the current Dean Martin renaissance, she launched the very first online chat group dedicated to Dean (and we’re happy to note that the spirit, soul and much of the membership of Dinopallies live on today right here at Dean, Golds and Dings). And of course, she’s beloved by her family and many friends as one of the sweetest, nicest, wittiest, and most caring people that any of us has ever known.

So how does one think up something special for a birthday salute to our wonderful Kimmy, who, when it comes to Dean, has just about heard and seen it all?

Well, in this instance, at least, we tried to find an obscure but entertaining DM artifact that Kimmy — as well as the rest of us — might never have come across, and what we dug up is a rare gem that will hopefully both surprise and delight one and all (if not, you can always ask the owner of this site for a refund).

Now, we all know that on his series, Dean was famous for not doing retakes. And yet, we’ve discovered TWO different versions of a medley that he performed with one of his favorite singing partners, Petula Clark, on the 9/28/67 episode of his show: One is the rendition from the program that was broadcast; the other appears as a previously-unreleased cut on Petula’s now-out-of-print 2007 CD, Petula Clark Duets.

And they are definitely not the same, with one of the most obvious differences audible in Dean’s singing both the first and second verses of “Until The Real Thing Comes Along” on the CD version, whereas on the version that went out on the air, Petula sang the first verse and Dean did only the second.

CUDDLE UP A LITTLE CLOSER: (above) Dean and Petula Clark bond over their “Love” medley on the 9/28/67 edition of The Dean Martin Show

So what’s the story behind this alternate take? Plainly, it wasn’t from a rehearsal, since, as is apparent at the end of the track, it was performed in front of a live audience. Anyway, since when did Dean ever rehearse?!!!

Well, if anyone out there can shed some light on this mystery, it would be most welcomed. In the meantime, Kimmy, with the hope that you haven’t already heard it, we present you with this alternate recording of the 1967 Dean & Petula “Love” medley, accompanied by a lower-quality, but still readily recognizable, copy from the original telecast, so that you and everyone else can compare the two (but hurry, because they’ll only remain posted for about a week). The individual songs that made up the medley are: “I’m In Love Again,” “Until The Real Thing Comes Along,” “If This Isn’t Love,” “True Love” and “Love, Love, Love.”

And with the theme of that medley being love, it’s one that’s most appropriate for the occasion, because, Kimmy, you’re truly loved by all of your pallies here at Dean, Golds and Dings.

Have a Happy, Healthy Birthday, and Many, Many More.


October 24, 2011 at 2:39 pm

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