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Photogenic on Both Sides of The Lens

Dean Martin:Tara Leigh 2013
Birthday girl Tara Leigh (r.) shares a tender moment with Dean Martin (l.) on the Nov. 23, 1972 episode of The Dean Martin Show

As the media have been relentlessly reminding us, today marks the anniversary of a tragic and traumatic event in our nation’s history. But apart from all of the darkness that surrounds November 22nd, there is at least one distinctly bright spot about this date; for it also commemorates the entry into this world of Renee Anderson — better known to fans of The Dean Martin Show, The Dingaling Sisters and The Golddiggers as Tara Lee, whose beautiful face and operatic soprano forever endeared her to millions of fans on Dean’s series, and who later gained a whole new following as Alexandria Quartermaine on TV sudser General Hospital.

What her admirers, and even some of her friends, may not know about Renee is that she’s not only highly talented in front of the camera, but behind it, as well. For proof, one need look no further than her gallery of photographs, on display at Fineart America, where it’s possible to browse her latest collection, and even pick up a Tara/Renee original to own. Before heading over there, though, we hope all of her fans and friends will join us here at Dean, Golds and Dings in wishing the most original Tara/Renee a very Happy, Healthy Birthday, and Many, Many More.

To view her gallery, just click this link:

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A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody

Michelle (MB look)
(above) Michelle DellaFave, circa early 1980s

The title of our article references a refrain that over time has become almost cliché; but the man who put those words to music, the great Irving Berlin, once told Life Magazine that he considered his 1919 composition “the best individual song written for a musical” — not his best, mind you, but the best.

Having served as the theme for The Ziegfeld Follies throughout much of that production’s run, “A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody” could also lend tuneful context to the story of Michelle DellaFave, for whom beauty and music have blended in seamless harmony virtually her entire life.

With both her Mother and Aunt having been dancers, and her Father, a drummer, it was perhaps inevitable that Michelle and her younger sister, Tanya, would follow their elders’ paths into show business. Singing and dancing lessons, as well as acting in school plays, helped prep the girls for their future careers.

And for Michelle, growing up in New Jersey, her proximity to the Big Apple would provide the opportunity to audition for the storied Copacabana nightclub, where she joined the ranks of that venue’s famed Copa Girls. An ad in a local trade paper led her to try out for a spot with The Golddiggers; and once she was a part of that ensemble, her powerful pipes and glamorous looks paved the way for her selection as one of four Dingaling Sisters, singing, dancing and clowning with Dean Martin each week on his popular TV series.

Dean & Michelle Soubrette 2
(above) Dean embraces Michelle in a sketch on the 10/28/71 episode of The Dean Martin Show
'71-'72 Dings Portrait (Photoshop C4 Adj.)
(above) The 1971-72 Dingaling Sisters (clockwise from top): Michelle, Lynne Latham, Tara Leigh, Taffy Jones
Helen, Lindsay, Jayne, Michelle
(above) The 1972-73 Dingaling Sisters, 2nd Edition (l. to r.): Helen Funai, Lindsay Bloom, Jayne Kennedy, Michelle

While with The Golddiggers and Dingalings, there were also two USO Tours accompanying Bob Hope to entertain America’s Armed Forces abroad and at home, as well as appearances on such programs as The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and a prime-time special hosted by Gene Kelly. Separately, Michelle was paired with Lonette McKee in singing-dancing duo The Soul Sisters on the first season of Jonathan Winters‘ syndicated TV show.

Michelle, Gene Kelly, Diane Davis
(above) Michelle (left) and Diane Davis (right, one of Dean’s Girls from The Dean Martin Show) flank Gene Kelly on his January 1970 NBC special, Gene Kelly’s Wonderful World of Girls with 50 Girls, Count ‘Em, 50
Michelle & Lonette McKee copy
(above) Michelle and Lonette McKee, who sang and danced together as The Soul Sisters on The Wacky World of Jonathan Winters (1972-73)

Pulling back a bit from the world of entertainment to raise a family, Michelle never fully lost touch with her roots, continuing to perform from time to time in regional and local theatrical presentations. Then in 2007, she stepped up her game, releasing a brace of albums (one pop, one gospel), and re-teamed with one of her colleagues from The Dean Martin Show, Lindsay Bloom, to tour the country, entertaining veterans, active-duty service men and women, and civilians, and visiting VA hospitals.

(above) Michelle w. longtime friend and sister Dingaling from The Dean Martin Show, Lindsay Bloom. The two reunited in 2007 and toured the country, performing for audiences of Veterans, active military, and civilians.

Now back in New York, the city of her birth, Michelle headlined her first solo show this past April at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Room, and continues to volunteer her time on behalf of Vets and other good causes, in addition to singing at various events — most recently, at a gala last week celebrating the 238th anniversary of the U.S. Army.

(above) Michelle w. Dean’s daughter, Deana Martin, following Deana’s August 2012 show at Feinstein’s in New York. Michelle and Deana worked together on both the 1969 edition of Dean Martin Presents The Golddiggers and on The Dean Martin Show.
Michelle & Ricci Martin
(above) Michelle w. Ricci Martin, following Ricci’s show in Atlantic City in October 2012. The two would often see one another when Ricci would come to the set of his father’s series to snap photos of the cast members and guest stars.
Michelle w. Tommy Tune(adj.) copy
(above) Michelle with Tommy Tune, backstage after his June 1, 2013 show at New York’s famous Town Hall. The two go way back, having worked together on both The Dean Martin Show and the 1969 and 1970 editions of Dean’s summer replacement series, Dean Martin Presents The Golddiggers.

For this eternally pretty girl, the melody lingers on. But what makes the song that much sweeter are the two qualities evoked by another Tin Pan Alley standard that all who’ve been touched by Michelle know she possesses in abundance: Heart and Soul.

Here’s wishing you a very Happy, Healthy Birthday, Dear Michelle, and Many, Many More.

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Thanks, and Happy Birthday, to Tara

On this Thanksgiving Day, we have much for which to be thankful — including all of the joy brought to us by our latest birthday honoree: a beautiful and familiar face from The Golddiggers, The Dingaling Sisters, and the regular cast of The Dean Martin Show.

So, from all of us at Dean, Golds and Dings and The Golddiggers Super Site, and  with a big birthday hug and kiss from Dean up above, we want to wish our own Tara Leigh a very Happy, Healthy Birthday, and Many, Many More.

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Happy Birthday, Michelle!

(above) Michelle’s solo pose during The Golddiggers’ Railroad Car photo shoot, 1970

Over the years, The Dean Martin Show has given rise to several different groups of lovely female singers and dancers. But one of those wonderful, talented ladies has the distinction of having served in more of those groups than any other.

In addition to her stints as one of the most outstanding, recognizable, and best-remembered members of both The Golddiggers and The Dingaling Sisters, Michelle DellaFave was also frequently tapped to harmonize with the Jack Halloran-led choir that provided background vocals for Dean’s series; she was recruited by Dean’s longtime Producer/Director, Greg Garrison, to join Lonette McKee in the Soul Sisters duo that performed weekly during the first season of the syndicated Wacky World of Jonathan Winters; and she even teamed with another colleague and friend from The Dingaling Sisters, Lindsay Bloom, to entertain American veterans, active-duty service members, and civilians in the first new group to be spun off from The Golds or Dings in over three decades, Blue Eyed Soul.

(above) portrait shot for the initial Dingaling Sisters group, 1970

(above) Michelle (center) stands shoulder-to-shoulder with 1971-72 Dingaling Sisters colleagues, and still close friends, Taffy Jones (left) and Tara Leigh (right)

(above) Michelle in s still from The Dingaling’s performance of “On The Good Ship Lollipop” on the 3/16/72 episode of The Dean Martin Show.

(above) Michelle (second from left) in 1972 with her sister Dingalings, and still very good friends, Helen Funai (left), Lindsay Bloom (third from left), and Jayne Kennedy (right)

(above) longtime friend and colleague Lonette McKee (left), with whom Michelle (right) performed as duo The Soul Sisters on The Wacky World of Jonathan Winters, 1972.

(above) Michelle (right) backstage with fellow performer and close pal Lindsay Bloom (left), before one of their Blue Eyed Soul concerts for Vets in 2008.

Beyond singing and dancing, Michelle has appeared in numerous theatrical productions, and thanks to her 5’9″ frame and sleek, high-fashion beauty, she’s also enjoyed an active second career in modeling.

With the latter aspect of her work not as familiar to her friends and fans as her musical endeavors, we thought we’d use the occasion of Michelle’s birthday today to honor her by presenting a tableau of rarely- or never-before-seen images that showcase some of the multiple facets of her craft.

(above) That fresh-faced, clean, Cover Girl look (circa mid-1970s)

(above) The Parisian look (circa late 1970s)

(above) The Meredith MacRae look (circa early ’70s)

(above) The Vogue look (circa mid-’70s)

(above) The Olivia Newton-John “Let’s Get Physical” look! (circa late ’70s-early ’80s)

(above) The classic beauty look (timeless)

As is evident from the shots on display, Michelle has a quality that photographers covet in a model — the ability to affect a variety of looks. Yet no matter her style or expression, what consistently comes through is a warmth and an accessibility that her friends and fans alike know are matched by an inner core of goodness, decency, kindheartedness and love. And, you can be sure, that’s no pose.

(above) The contemporary look (2009)

Michelle, on behalf of everyone at Dean, Golds and Dings and The Golddiggers Super Site, we wish you a Happy, Healthy Birthday, and Many, Many More.

To see more of Michelle, check out her Facebook fan page:

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Happy Birthday, Mark

Might reruns of The Golddiggers‘ series ever come to cable TV’s SyFy channel? Ha! We should be so lucky!

But strange as it may seem, there are at least a couple of Golds graduates who’ve experienced first-hand some close encounters with the science fiction genre. One is Michelle DellaFave, whom followers of UFO phenomena have for years believed to be either the human incarnation, or perhaps the doppelgänger, of a beautiful alien named Asket. As for the plausibility of such speculation, Michelle refers all questions on the matter to Starfleet Command.

Michelle or Asket?

And then there’s Janice Whitby, who initially entered our collective orbit as a lovely and vibrant member of The Golddiggers, and later earned a permanent place in the hearts of sci-fi fans for her role as Katy The Fembot on crossover episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.

Jan or Katy?

It was a longtime fan of Janice’s, Mark Fornale, who first enlightened us about this otherworldly connection, which he subsequently expanded upon in his creation of a stellar website ( to celebrate Jan’s career.

Mark’s own personal alignment with the stars is as a Pisces, born on this day. And so, we wish this good friend and close ally of our Dean, Golds and Dings planet A Very Happy Birthday, and Many, Many More.

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Golds, Dings…and Vets — Then and Now

As a sidebar to The Golddiggers Super Site‘s feature story this Veterans Day Weekend, covering the most recent efforts on behalf of Vets by Dean Martin Show grads Michelle DellaFave and Lindsay Bloom, we at Dean, Golds and Dings herewith present a gallery of additional, related images — including:

• Historic photos from the 1971 USMA Yearbook documenting performances at West Point just before Christmas 1970 by The Golddiggers and The Dingaling Sisters, as part of Bob Hope’s USO Tour

• Shots of Golddiggers and Dingaling Sisters alumnae appearing at a number of much more recent Veterans-related events…

The Golddiggers at West Point, Christmas 1970

(above, l. to r.) Janice Whitby, Paula Cinko, Francie Mendenhall; Rosetta Cox, Jackie Chidsey, Liz Kelley
(below, l. to r.) Janice Whitby, Paula Cinko, Francie Mendenhall

(above, l. to r.) Janice Whitby (background); Rosetta Cox, Jackie Chidsey, Liz Kelley (foreground)
(below) The Golds gather around host Bob Hope


The Dingaling Sisters at West Point, Christmas 1970

(above, l. to r.) Tara Leigh, Susan Lund, Wanda Bailey, Michelle DellaFave

Bob Hope Leads His Troupe in The Traditional “Silent Night” Close of His Christmas Show, at West Point, Christmas 1970

(above, l. to r.) Rosetta Cox, Janice Whitby, Patricia Mickey, Johnny Bench, Jackie Chidsey, Francie Mendenhall, Major General William A. Knowlton (Superintendent of West Point), Bobbi Martin, Bob Hope, Gloria Loring, Lola Falana, Susie Lund, Tara Leigh, Michelle DellaFave, Wanda Bailey

Springfield, Illinois — July 2007

(above, l. to r.) Susan Lund, Michelle DellaFave, and Wanda Bailey display the medals they received from the Vietnam Veterans of America after their concert for the organization’s 2007 national convention — the first performance by any set of Dingaling Sisters in over three decades.

Washington, DC — Veterans Day Weekend, 2007

In conjunction with ceremonies commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, Michelle DellaFave scores a hat trick, first performing with her alma mater ensemble, The Golddiggers, including Jackie Chidsey (above left) and Nancy Reichert (above right), in the largest on-stage gathering of the group since the early ’70s…
…then joining Dingaling Sisters Susie Lund (above left) and Wanda Bailey (above right) for an encore of “Do The Funky Chicken”…
…and finally, teaming with another onetime Dingaling Sister and good friend, Lindsay Bloom (above right), to unveil the premiere of the first new group to be spun off from either The Golddiggers or Dingaling Sisters in 37 years, Blue Eyed Soul.

Michelle DellaFave at The 40th Reunion of The West Point Class of ’71

At the invitation of the class’ Frank Durrum (above right), Michelle performed for an enthusiastic audience of over 400 USMA graduates and their families. And both before and after the concert, she was graciously escorted by another member of the ’71 class, Chris Clarke (below left).


Washington, DC — Veterans Day 2011

(above) Lindsay joins Marine Vets for a round of Veterans Day events.

Somewhere There’s A Someone…

In some ways it was improbable, but perhaps in others, it was inevitable, that at some point during the course of their cross-country travels entertaining and doing other good works for both Veterans and active-duty U.S. military personnel, Michelle and Lindsay would run into a soldier named…You guessed it — DEAN MARTIN!! And indeed, there he is above, happily sandwiched between the two Dings. Add another pair and we’re ready for a medley.

For those who’d like to, but haven’t yet had a chance, to see the original Golddiggers Super Site article on Michelle and Lindsay’s latest efforts on behalf of America’s Veterans, here’s a link to the piece:

Michelle and Lindsay’s Labor of Love for The Vets

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Happy Birthday, Taffy!

TOUCHING BASS WITH THE 1971-72 DINGALING SISTERS: (clockwise from far left) Michelle DellaFave, Taffy Jones, Tara Leigh, and Lynne Latham.

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Lindsay Bloom Heads East For Veterans Day Events

MIKE HAMMER’S VELDA VAMPS FOR VETS: Dean Martin Show Dingaling Sister Lindsay Bloom will arrive in Washington, D.C. this week for ceremonies saluting America’s Veterans. Among her contributions will be performance of a dramatic reading at a concert to take place on the eve of Veterans Day (Wed., Nov. 10) at the National Shrine of The Immaculate Conception (see above).

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It’s Beginning To Look Like…

…the first Tuesday in November…and the 25th of December, too.

So, to help ease you into the perfect late fall/early winter mood, why not participate in our pair of palpably pleasurable new polls:



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Living It Up With Dean

From Graham’s Gallery

THINKIN’ ‘BOUT THINGS: Whether consciously or not, Dean (above) affects a pensive pose reminiscent of Rodin’s famous statue, The Thinker (below)
I’LL ALWAYS LOVE MY MAMA: Sonny Boy plants a peck on the cheek of the woman who brought him into the world, Angela Barra Crocetti.
DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE: Dean and wife Jeanne attend a showing of the 1967 musical film Doctor Dolittle, for which a longtime staple of the choir on Dean’s TV series, Diana Lee, dubbed all of the singing parts in lieu of Rex Harrison’s female co-star in the picture, Samantha Eggar.

Volume 2 of Kimmy’s Collection: Images of Dean with Other Celebrities kissingmarilyn
(above) Flanking Marilyn Monroe, with whom Dean was slated to co-star in the 1962 motion picture Something’s Got To Give. Having missed a number of days of production on the film, Monroe was fired by 20th Century Fox, which sought to bring in Lee Remick as her replacement, but Dean refused to continue without his original co-star. Eventually, Marilyn was rehired, but died before the movie could be completed. With only about a half-hour of footage in the can, the picture was ultimately shelved.
(above) With Susan Hayward on the set of the 1961 drama that blended politics and romance, Ada
(above) With the original Maverick himself, James Garner
(above) Embracing fellow singer Keely Smith
celebrity baseball game -  dean martinnat king colevince edwards 1964
(above) At a 1964 L.A. Dodgers game with Nat King Cole (center) and TV’s Ben Casey, Vince Edwards (right)
(below) In more formal garb, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Nat King Cole, several of whose signature hits Dean covered on his TV series.deannatcoleyoung
(above) Back at the ballpark several years later — 1975, to be exact — this time with All In The Family‘s Sally Struthers and Carroll O’Connor.
(above) Rehearsing with Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra for Judy’s acclaimed 1962 CBS special
(below) On stage for the final show, which is available uncut on DVD under the title Judy, Frank & Dean: Once In A Lifetime
(above and below) In rehearsal with Louis Armstrong for two different episodes of Dean’s series0deanandlouiearmstrong
(above) Jammin’ with Bob Hope and Barbra Streisand for a Bob Hope Special first broadcast on Sept. 27, 1963.
(above) Hobnobbing with “The First Lady of American Theater”, Miss Helen Hayes
(above) Taking aim with Ursula Andress in the 1963 Western 4 For Texas.
(above) Nuzzling up to a favorite guest on his show, the legendary Peggy Lee
_silencers cutieB
(above) Listening intently to co-star Stella Stevens on the set of 1966’s The Silencers, the first of four big-screen spy spoofs in which Dean essayed the role of gun-and-girl-toting secret agent Matt Helm
(below) Silence appears to be golden in this intimate scene with StellaSilencersedwithstellab
(above) Gently stroking Sharon Tate’s hair on the set of The Wrecking Crew, the last of the Matt Helm features, which Dean elected to stop making following Sharon’s tragic death
(above) Lucy dates a man whom she thinks is Dean’s stunt double, only to discover that he’s the real McCoy, on this 1966 episode of The Lucy Show
Dean Martin, Shirley MacLaine & Elvis Presley
(above) Cutting the cake with Shirley MacLaine, with whom Dean co-starred in several films, and Elvis Presley, whose vocal style is often cited as having been strongly influenced by Dean’s.
Raquel Welch & Dean Martin in BANDOLERO! (1968)
(above) Taking it easy with co-star Raquel Welch during the filming of 1968 oater Bandolero

Note: The last two photos are drawn from an impressive portfolio of Dean Martin shots, some of them very rare, that can be found on a website called Scott Marks’ Emulsion Compulsion. Dinophiles who’d like to view the complete set of these photos can do so by clicking here.

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