Special Greetings For The Very Special Deana Martin

August 19, 2011 at 2:44 pm

What motivates Deana Martin?

For someone as kind, compassionate and caring as she is, the answer has to be: Love Is The Reason For It All.

A MOST DISTINGUISHED GLEE CLUB: Pictured above, from the Jan. 28, 1971 episode of The Dean Martin Show, featuring the talented offspring of famous Hollywood stars performing “Love Is The Reason” from the Broadway musical version of A Tree Grows In Brooklyn: (standing left to right) Meredith MacRae, Dean Paul Martin, Lucie Arnaz, Maureen Reagan, Gail Martin, DEANA MARTIN, Desi Arnaz Jr., Frank Sinatra Jr., and Billy Hinsche. Seated in the center: A True Scholar and A Gentleman — Professor Dean Martin.
SIDE BY SIDE BY SIDE: Singing that well-known tune from the musical Company on the same 1/28/71 episode of The Dean Martin Show: (below, l. to r.) DEANA MARTIN, Frank Sinatra Jr., and Lucie Arnaz.

Wishing You A Happy, Healthy Birthday, Deana, and Many, Many More — With Love from All of Your Fans and Pallies at Dean, Golds and Dings.

And because we all know that it’s better to give than receive, even as we celebrate Deana’s birthday, here’s a gift from her to all of us: A clip documenting the making of her Volare album. Watch the expressive way that she delivers a song and you’ll see a shining example of the old cliché: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree:

For those who’d like to send Deana their own birthday greetings, her Facebook fan page is the perfect place to do it. Just click below:

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