Remembering Marian Mercer

May 7, 2011 at 10:28 am

Actress Marian Mercer (above, front row on the left), who died April 27 from complications of Alzheimer’s Disease at the age of 75, was a regular cast member on The Dean Martin Show during its 7th season (1971-1972). In a decidedly irreal reality sketch seen on each week’s episode of the series, she played the part of Vickie, who was supposed to be the sister of Dean’s real-life piano accompanist, Ken Lane. Rounding out this fictitious family were (above, counterclockwise from far right) Kay Medford as Ken and Vickie’s (Marian’s) Yenta-of-a-Mother, Tom Bosley as Vickie’s boyfriend, and Lou Jacobi as next-door-neighbor and prospective love interest for Mrs. Lane, Mr. Kapopolis. Pictured in the center is guest star Elaine Stritch.
(above and below) Getting a kick out of Kay Medford.
(above) In a different episode, with Kay and Lou Jacobi.

(above and below) Chatting and, from the looks of it (as well as from knowing Dean), perhaps even flirting a little bit with the gent in the tux.

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