Fringe Benefits

June 27, 2010 at 4:39 pm

THEY’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER: The question is: What number was it that The Dingaling Sisters performed on the October 21, 1971 episode of The Dean Martin Show, dressed in the fringe costumes seen above, just before cozying up to their genial host for their weekly medley? (surrounding Dean, clockwise from left: Michelle DellaFave, Taffy Jones, Tara Leigh, Lynne Latham)
Although rarely worn by The Dingalings, fringe ensembles were often donned by The Golddiggers during the years 1970-73, as illustrated by the still below, depicting The Golds miming the playing of musical instruments while accompanying guest star Peter Graves in a little ditty called “I’d Rather Lead A Band” (and who wouldn’t, if the band members looked like this?), on an episode of Dean’s series that first aired December 3, 1970. (Visible behind Mission: Impossible‘s leading man in the shot below, l. to r.: Liz Kelley, Patricia Mickey, Michelle DellaFave, Jackie Chidsey.)

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