Kimmy’s Gallery of Dean Martin Images, Volume 1

June 14, 2010 at 4:17 am

After Ten Thousand Bedrooms, Dean’s first solo outing following his split with Jerry, bombed at the box office, he agreed to take a pay cut to appear opposite Marlon Brando and Montgomery Cliff in 1958’s The Young Lions (from which the still above was taken), proving his acting mettle in the dramatic role, and thus salvaging his career on the big screen.
(below) Taking in the cinematographer’s perspective on the set of Rio Bravo (1959):
(below) A set of scenes from another of Dean’s legendary Westerns, the 1968 epic Bandolero, in which he costarred with Jimmy Stewart, and, as evident in the last of these four shots, a most splendiferous Raquel Welch:

(above) From the high plains to planes that fly high in the sky, Dean spends a moment relaxing on the ground with costar Jacqueline Bisset during the filming of the 1970 aviation saga Airport.

From the early ’60s (above): The nucleus of The Rat Pack plot their next move.

(above) Frank and Dean on stage in 1964…

…and on the green quite a few years later.

Going a few strokes back (to 1973, that is), Dean swings solo.

Not exactly promoting a healthy lifestyle, our master of ceremonies was certainly in his element in the shot above, taken in the mid-’60s on the set of his popular weekly series.

(above) Sans smoke and libation, a more mature Dean enjoys the decidedly sweeter fragrance of nature’s flowers while performing a ballad on the 8th season (1972-73) of his show.
(below) Two more portraits of our subject, the first being the favorite of one of our most faithful Dinopallies, Susan; the second, a semi-profile from a somewhat later period:

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